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1. Cranial and facial reflexology: 45mins €108

- Readjusts the bones, improves lymphatic circulation, reduces swelling

2. Seitai: 90mins €138

- Relieves lower back pain, neck pain, sensitivity to cold, painful periods, etc. due to poor posture.

3. Beauty course: 120mins €198

- Flat stomach, relieves swelling in the legs and face and readjusts the posture of the skeleton

《Massage and lymph drainage*》with a Japanese therapist



1) Face = 60 minutes €90


Sculpural face lifting and Pulse face lifting

The movement of this pleasant massage cures facial fatigue, improves circulation, removes swelling and lifts the face.

(including face, neck, shoulders and décolleté) with or without oil

2) DETOX BEAUTY Cure = 90 minutes 120 euros

(body 75 minutes + foot beauty with essential oils 15 minutes)

Relieves muscle pain and improves blood circulation throughout the body. Intestinal massage is an equally effective energy relief against all stress

(Whole body, + beauty of the feet with essential oils)

3) Menu 2h15 minutes €180

Face and Body (120 minutes) + beauty of the feet with essential oils (15 minutes)

*Exclusively female

Eyelash extensions》

1. Misencils eyelash extensions 《classic》€118

​2. Misencils eyelash extensions 《mixed》€128

3. Misencils eyelash extensions 《volume》 €138

* Retouching within 3 weeks, -50%

​*Removal of eyelash extensions:

our living room 12€

other lounge 22€

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